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Radio Team

Richard Brendan
Executive Producer and Host

Richard Brendan, M.A., counselor, speaker and humanitarian, has been in radio for 20 years and been producer/narrator for several TV projects.  Brendan, often referred to as a "Social Change Artist" is known for his visionary creativity, fiery passion and heartfelt communication skills. 

He is the Founder and President of JourneysFire Productions. Under his direction it has become a respected leader in the Midwest, producing innovative, positive programs and special events utilizing the power and intimacy of integrating media with the arts. At the core of each project lies the primary intention to inspire and enlighten people of all ages to become more aware of how to bring more love and compassion into their daily lives and communities. His inspirational speaking stirs the passion and desire for change in his audience both on and off the air, captivating them through his articulate manner of story-weaving and heartfelt empathy.

Richard also has a passion for bringing love into action.  He has visited Haiti several times, inspiring and providing for the less fortunate through his speaking and humanitarian aid, also assisting in relief efforts there with children and families.  

Speaking Engagements
If you would like to inquire about Richard speaking at or moderating an event, please send your inquires to Please include your deadline in your submission, that we may respond in a timely manner.

Joseph Boehnlein
Joe, a graduate of the University of Indianapolis, now teaches and serves as Director of Engineering for 88.7 WICR. A fan of the show during his undergraduate years, he loved how the guests and the overall message of the show challenged him to think and confesses to frequently sneaking into the production studio and burning CD's of his favorite broadcasts.  

Boehnlein's other "radio homes" in Indiana include 1070 WIBC, The White River Broadcasting family of stations in Columbus and what was FM Talk 93.  Joe has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with an emphasis on Electronic Media.  In addition, he has also worked extensively with the Music Technology Department.  He has also been the recipient of several broadcasting awards from the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters, and has produced several commercials, radio shows and public service announcements for the stations he has worked for.  

Angel Richardson, 
Production Coordinator 

Angel is an administrative professional. She has a master's degree in business administration, while her bachelor's is in business communications and her associate's is in accounting.

She has a passion for the environment, animal welfare, the anti-GMO movement, and nutrition. She is proud to assist Richard Brendan and JourneysFire Productions in their mission of "bringing love to life".

Michelle Qureshi,
Music Composer
Michelle is a talented composer, multi‐instrumentalist, and classically trained guitarist, who writes and performs in various styles and genres of music that combine instrumental artistry with a passion for creating unique pieces, ranging from simple, subtle melodies to complex, layered works. She created "Music As Metaphor" as an artistic identity that encompasses the multi-faceted nature of her creative work.

Her music can be described as enchanting and healing, as mysterious and mesmerizing, drawn with delicate, soulful sounds. She performs her music at festivals, yoga studios, art galleries, and other venues. It is broadcast on radio stations throughout the world and licensed on a global platform for use in films, apps, commercials, and other multi-media projects. She has released four albums: Of Light, Illumination, Flow, and Meditations.