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"a song goes straight to the heart of the matter in a way that words alond cannot. Nothing brings a community together like a shared story and song. A powerful song can point... to the source of love and say, I will meet you there" ~ Carrie Newcomer

“Richard Brendan is an extraordinary radio show host.  With his amazing voice, beautiful spirit, and elegant intelligence, he has the unique ability of getting not only to the heart of the matter, but also of leading whomever he is interviewing to visit the unexpected depth of their own work...the premier radio voice of these life and spirit-changing times!”
Daphne Kingma, author of, The Future of Love

" Always a pleasure to talk with you Richard, you're a great interviewer and there's not many of them left. " ~ Joshua Radin

“Thank you, Richard, for your wonderful, open-ended questions and your marvelously hospitable way of creating space for exploration.  That's one of the things we need to reweave our civic fabric-safe space for speaking and listening everywhere, including on the air!”
Parker Palmer, author of Healing the Heart of Democracy.